Selected works by North Icelandic artists
Galleries 09-10-11
May 18- September 292019

The largest community of artists outside Reykjavk exists in Eyjafjrur. Akureyri has long been the cultural hub of the area and around the turn of the 20century visual art gained more relevance there, when an art school and an art museum were founded. Both these institutions have been influential in Akureyris art life: the school by educating children and emerging artists, and the museum by highlighting the works of visual artists in the area.

Akureyri Art Museum now presents for the third time an extensive exhibition of works by artists who live in North Iceland or have strong ties to the area. Like before artists apply to participate in the exhibition by handing in applications no later than February 15. A jury of five will choose which works will be exhibited. A catalogue will be published and guided tours with the artists will be offered regularly.

Curator: Hlynur Hallsson.