Up: Final Projects 2017

Visual art and textiles students at VMA - the Akureyri Comprehensive College
Up: Final Projects 2017
Akureyri Art Museum, Ketilhs, April 22ⁿᵈ - 30ᵗʰ / November 25ᵗʰ - December 3ʳᵈ

It has become a tradition to exhibit the final projects of Akureyri Comprehensive Colleges art and design students at the Akureyri Art Museum. Two exhibitions are held every year, one at the end of the spring term and one at the end of the fall term. This is the third year in a row, these exhibitions are held in cooperation with Akureyri Art Museum.

When preparing for these exhibitions, students choose an assignment based on their field of interest and have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of mediums which they have encountered before, or acquaint themselves with new ones. The students have gone through the idea- and research phase in the artistic process, and they search high and low for data for their own creative process, depending on what is suitable for each idea and each medium.

The students have one semester to work on their final assignments and set up the exhibition in cooperation with an instructor and the other students. The values, on which this process is based, are initiative, creative thinking, and disciplined work methods.

Students in Design- and Textile studies:

Anton rn Rnarsson
Birna Eyvr Jnsdttir
Elva Rn Kristjnsdttir
Hrafnhildur sk Birgisdttir
Kamilla Sigrur Jnsdttir
Karitas Fra W. Brardttir

Students in Visual Arts studies:

Andri Le Teitsson
rmann Ingi risson
Eva Mist Gumundsdttir
Fann Mara Brynjarsdttir
Sandra Wanda Walankiewicz
Sindri Pll Stefnsson
Valgerur orsteinsdttir