Stranded W(h)ale a Remake Portfolio More Than This, Even

Exhibition project
Stranded W(h)ale a Remake Portfolio More Than This, Even
06.06.2024 29.09.2024
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The exhibition consists of works created in various mediums that all address or are connected to whales in one way or another done in the spirit of the Fluxus Movement, not to forget Marcel Duchamp. It has been installed in various locations such as Budapest in Hungary and Recife in Brazil.

Among the pieces exhibited beside a remake of Marcel Duchamps BOITE-EN-VALISE (1968) is a huge, life-size reprint of a painting from 1669 by Franz Wulfhagen, one of Rembrandts pupils, which shows a stranded whale. For about 300 years the painting was hanging in the ornate upper chamber of the historic Town Hall of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany. Also, on display are works by several Fluxus artists such as AY-O, Nam June Paik, Emmett Williams; younger ones related to Fluxus like Boris Nieslony, Ann Nol, Jrgen O. Olbrich, Pavel Schmidt, Natalie Thomkins and by 20th Century Avantgarde artists Richard Hamilton, Allan Kaprow, and Daniel Spoerri.

Participation, collaboration, and communication are central in the exhibition design meant to serve as a kind of gathering place to DANCE WITH LIFE.

Layout: Wolfgang Hainke.Curator: Freyja Reynisdttir.