• La Mer / The Sea / Hafi

    La Mer / The Sea / Hafi

    The French artist Ange Leccia was born in Corsica 1952. The nature of this unique island in the Mediterranean is a constant source of inspiration to him. La Mer is his best-known work, which he transforms time after time, adjusting it to each new situation.The work refers to eastern philosophy where human existence is compared to a fire that burns for a brief moment.Read more.

  • Guided Tour

    Guided Tour

    Guided tourevery Thursdayin Englishat 4 - 4.30pm.Included in ticket price.
    January 10th:ExpressionsConfederation of Labour Art Collection.
    January 17th:Ideas.
    January 24th:Lifes PLAY-fullness.
    Read more.

  • Lifes PLAY-fullness

    Lifes PLAY-fullness

    The retrospective exhibition Lifes PLAY-fullness shows rn Ingis (1945-2017) principal artworks. The exhibition is in fact a continuous performance about how a book is created a book about the multi-artist rn Ingi who was self-taught and unafraid of being different. Read more.


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      October - April
      Every day12 noon - 5 pm
      Admission 1500 ISK

      May - September
      Every day 10 am - 5 pm
      Admission 1500 ISK

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