• Creation of Childhood 2019

    Creation of Childhood 2019

    This is the sixth yearly exhibition with the titleCreation of Childhood. The aim is to stimulate creative work and creative thinking of school children from the age of two to sixteen. Participants each time are children and artists who create works according to the theme, which this time isthe world and the universein a broad sense. Read more.

  • Guided Tour

    Guided Tour

    Guided tourevery Thursdayin Englishat 4 - 4.30pm.Included in ticket price.
    March 7:Directions Tumi Magnsson.
    March 14:Creation of Childhood.
    March 21:Ideas Hjrds Frmann og Magns Helgason.
    March 28:Creation of Childhood.
    Read more.

  • Permanent exhibition

    Permanent exhibition

    Akureyri municipality formally began purchasing artworks around 1930, when a painting by Freymur Jhannsson was bought. Today the municipality owns around 700 diverse visual art works.After the founding of Akureyri Art Museum in 1993, preservation of the collection became one of its roles. Read more.


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      October - April
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      Admission 1500 ISK

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      Every day 10 am - 5 pm
      Admission 1500 ISK

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