Creation of Childhood 2016

Group exhibition
Creation of Childhood 2016
Akureyri Art Museum, Ketilhs
March 5th- April 24th2016

This is the third exhibition under the title of Creation of Childhood. It was put up in order to stimulate creative work and creative thinking for all school children from the age of two to sixteen. Participants each time are children, working artists, and the Toy Exhibition at Fribjarnarhs. Creation of Childhood is therefore a cooperation under constant development and each exhibition is independent and special. The exhibition has raised well deserved attention and is unique in regards to cooperation between artists and children. The exhibition will also display works from a workshop, which was held in relations to Creation of Childhood 2015, with the instructors Erwin van der Werve and ra Slveig Bergsteinsdttir.

This years participants are: The preschool and elementary school of Hrsey, the preschools Hlmasl, Sunnubl and Plmholt, the elementary schools Naustaskli and Suskli, The Toy Exhibition at Fribjarnarhs, and the artists ki Sebastian Frostason, Anne Balanant, Bjrg Eirksdttir, Elsa Dra Gsladttir, Egill Logi Jnsson and James Earl Ero Cisneros Tamidles. Curator: Gurn Plna Gumundsdttir.