Karl Gumundsson

Karl Gumundsson
04.12.2021 - 06.02.2022
Gallery 11

Karl Gumundssons career as an artist now spans over two decades and includes several solo exhibitions, starting in 2000, and numerous group exhibitions.

Gumundsson began his studies at Akureyri School of Visual Arts at the age of five under guidance from Rsa Kristn Jlusdttir and graduated from the art department of Akureyri Comprehensive College in 2007. They started their art-collaboration as teacher and pupil, evolving into a partnership of equals. The exhibition is the product of their collaboration. Most of the works are paintings on canvas, glass and plexiglass. The artists Arna Valsdttir and the aforementioned Rsa Kristn Jlusdttir are Gumundssons partners in this exhibition.In spite of Gumundssons multiple disabilities he manages to share the artistic sensitivity he possesses with the viewer. In 2015 he was the artist of the year for Art Without Borders.