Elina Brotherus

Elina Brotherus
Leikreglur / Rules of Play / Rgle du Jeu
Gallery 11
March 2- May 122019

After 20 years of using myself in my pictures, I felt that I had done all the poses I could possibly do with my body. The way out of this dead end came through Fluxus. I started to use Fluxus event scores and other written instructions by artists as the basis of new work. I have expanded the idea of the score and allowed myself to be influenced by a range of artists including film-makers, photographers, painters and poets. This performative and somewhat absurdist method has enabled me to get back both in front and behind the camera. Citing Arthur Kpcke: People ask: Why? I ask: Why not?

Rgle du Jeu was awarded the Carte blanche PMU prize and it was first exhibited at Centre Pompidou in 2017.