Gstav Geir Bollason

Gstav Geir Bollason
Sandtime Psalm of Fading Flowers
Galleries 10 11

Animations and videos of wilting plants among debris. Hybrid sculptures reminiscent of vehicles and measuring devices, as well as shelters or craters within damaged landscapes. There is sand everywhere, visible or invisible: in the concrete walls, in the optical equipment, in the phone, in the landfill. The movements of the animated flowers flicker and accelerate. In between the images, there is nothing but emptiness, a mental absence.

In video footage, withering plants appear in a rotating installation that spins at different speeds. The arrangement circles mechanically through light and shadow, faster and faster until it becomes vague, leaving fleeting expressions of a fading time and space and fusing reality with desolation. The sculptures in the installation speak to a standstill of the status quo.

Gstav Geir Bollason (born 1966) works in the mediums of drawing, experimental film, and sculpture. He also runs an unconventional exhibition space in Hjalteyri, Eyjafjrur.

Music: Hafds Bjarnadttir, Gumundur Ari Arnalds og Brynjar Daason.