Lifes PLAY-fullness

rn Ingi Gslason
Lifes PLAY-fullness
November 3ʳᵈ 2018 - January 27ᵗʰ 2019

The retrospective exhibition Lifes PLAY-fullness shows rn Ingis (1945-2017) principal artworks. A constant search and experimentation with the pictorial language characterize his work since the beginning of his career in 1970, whether working in the techniques of painting, performances, sculptures or installations. In his art, he sought answers to the questions: Who am I in the context of others and in nature? Are we properly skilled in lifes PLAY? Do we behave with integrity? There is always a certain seriousness behind every game.

The diverse pieces in the exhibition create a dialogue, and bring visitors close to the artist. They are encouraged to exhange views with him, take position and become active participants in the art, to re-evaluate. rn Ingi chose unparalleled paths in his art. He was a self-educated artist and became influential as a teacher.

Curators: Halldra Arnardttir and Javier Snchez Merina.