Flowing Forms I-II

Selected works for creation and education
Flowing Forms I-II
19.02.2022-21.08.2022 / 27.08.2022-18.02.2023
Gallery 07

Various kinds of workshops are held at Akureyri Art Museum, in the space dedicated to museum education. The space is also good for creating your own art in beautiful and creative surroundings.

Exhibitions are regularly installed in this space, showing both products from the workshops and selected works from the museums collection. Guests can be inspired by these works and other works in the museum, they are of course free to choose. All creation is good, creating in a museum is however a unique experience. The art-works on the walls can be used as models and one can mix together the colors and influences from different works. Colors, forms and lines are good for the paper on the table, which is meant for museum guests, even though the artworks are made out of different material. The subject-matter of the selected works is according to the theme for each exhibition.