Kristn Gunnlaugsdttir / Margrt Jnsdttir
Galleries 04 - 05
February 9th - May 19th 2019

The basic color tone in the works at SuperBlack is black. The idea comes from a recently manufactured black color, Vantablack, which portrays a complete void. In that void modern mans extistential questions roam: What is our stand against nature and ourselves?

Jnsdttirs clay works resemble Icelandic black sands and lava fields. They pose the question on whether we would treat nature with more respect, if we saw her as a human body with organs like our own.

In Gunnlaugsdttirs work the imagery reminds us of the baroque era, when Western culture faced a reckoning. In her work the playfulness of glitter alternates with the grave undertone of the skull and decadence. They reflect the distress of present times and humans constant need to take responsibility for our lives and happiness.