Labyrinth of Plastic

Jonna Jnborg Sigurardttir
Labyrinth of Plastic
Akureyri Art Museum, West Room
January 30ᵗʰ - February 11ᵗʰ

Labyrinth of Plastic is an installation, which is intended to make viewers more aware of the environmental consequences of the use of plastic. In the past years Jonna (born 1966) has made a number of works inspired by overconsumption and waste. Her aim is to raise awareness of the fact that each person can contribute to environmental issues, such as by recycling and acquiring reusable shopping bags. For the duration of the exhibition, Jonna will work on her art creation from recycled plastic in the cell in the west end of the art museum.

Jonna graduated from the fine art department of Akureyri School of Visual Arts in 1995 and as a fashion designer from Copenhagen Academy of Fashion and Design in 2011. Her visual art is diverse, ranging from paintings to installations. Jonna has been very active on the art scene in Akureyri in the past years; held solo exhibitions, participated in group exhibitions and organised performances and events.