Marzena Skubatz

Marzena Skubatz
Galleries 10 - 11
December 72019 - February 16 2020

Iceland seeks workers to work in rural areas of the country. This is a quote from an advertisement from the Icelandic vice consulate, directed at women in Germany in 1949. Around 900 people responded to the advertisement and on June 5th 1949, around 280 women and 79 men travelled to Iceland on board the ship Esja.

Many of these women stayed on in Iceland and started a new life. For her project HEIMAt, Skubatz has tracked down and photographed some of the women that are still alive. The result is a poetic piece that touches on memories and on the experience of rooting in a new place. On several levels and in a symbolic way, Skubatz addresses issues such as the land, the women and their histories. HEIMAt is a photographic journey, which takes us from the past to the present, touching on themes such as love, trauma, nostalgia and forgetfulness. It also brings out the unspoken without however, going into too many details.

The German artist Marzena Skubatz, was born in Poland 1978. She received a Diploma in Photography from the University of Applied Sciences, and her work has been exhibited and published around the world. The main subject of her work is the correlation between human identity and places.

The exhibition is presented in cooperation with the German Embassy.