Hekla Bjrt Helgadttir

Hekla Bjrt Helgadttir
The Wild Poem
Gallery 12

The work Food Bowls is created specifically for the exhibition Limitations. The bowls refer to rationing and how rations are limited, in a broad sense, by finances, marriage, sex, nationality and status. The bowls were drawn up with a food container in mind, playing with forms and visual manifestations of limitations was also involved. The light colors underline how the borders of limitations can be unclear. Why is there more food in some bowls than in others? Can that be accepted and thereby seen as beautiful? Or is the endless striving something that society maintains counsiously and is it worth fighting against?

Hekla Bjrt Helgadttir (born 1985) works interchangeably as a visual artist and a poet. She has held solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions and performance events. She graduated from the Visual Arts Deparment at VMA and studied after that Creative Writing at the University of Iceland.