Hilda de Paulo / Tales Frey

Hilda de Paulo / Tales Frey
Conducting Wire
05.10.2023 14.01.2024
Gallery 01

The exhibition will present a selection of works by the Brazilian artists Hilda de Paulo (born 1987) and Tales Frey (born 1982), who have been working together for over fifteen years. By transiting through the most diverse formats, their productions are a dialogue with multiple fields, such as the visual arts, the scenic arts, and the performing arts. They define themselves as a notable example of a practice on the edge, exploring the power of what is adjacent.

In the exhibition, they are interested in articulating both productions, identifying their points of meeting and convergence, the result of the long collaborative coexistence between the two artists. Hilda actively participates in Tales performances, who, in turn, is present in many of Hildas works. What is incorporated from one to the other? What are the boundaries between life and work? What is the relationship made of? In this collaboration, the artists works are presented as politics of desire, with the aim of building other modes of existence.

Both artists finished their university degrees in Portugal, Hilda in Art History and Tales in Theatre Studies.

Curator: Pollyana Quintella.