Colors, Forms and People

Nna Tryggvadttir
Colors, Forms and People
Akureyri Art Museum, Ketilhs
January 14ᵗʰ - February 26ᵗʰ

Nna Tryggvadttir (1913-1968) was among the most seminal and progressive visual artists of her generation, and a participant in the revolution that took place within Icelandic visual arts in the fifties and sixties. She studied art in Copenhagen and New York and lived in Paris, London and Reykjavk. Although Nnas main medium was oil on canvas, she is also known for her works made of paper, stained glass and mosaic, as well as childrens books. She was one of the pioneers of lyrical abstract art.

The exhibition Colors, Forms and People is a collaboration with The National Gallery of Iceland, but within its permanent collection are approximately 80 pieces by Nna from 1938 to 1967. The exhibition is partly based on Ljvarp (Poetry Cast), an exhibition set up in The National Gallery in 2015. In connection with that exhibition a book about Nna was published with numerous photos of her work as well as articles and interviews in both Icelandic and English.

Curator: Hlynur Hallsson.