Drfn Frifinnsdttir

Drfn Frifinnsdttir
Wonders of the Woodcut
26.8.2023 - 10.03.2024
Gallery 09

Drfn Frifinnsdttir (1946 -2000) studied at The Icelandic College of Art and Crafts 1962-1963 and at the Dupont School in Copenhagen 1964. She began her studies at Akureyri School of Visual Arts in the fall of 1982 and graduated from there 1986. She continued her studies in Finland 1987-1989. Frifinnsdttir received several recognitions for her art creations and in 1998 she was the honorary artist of Akureyri.

Wonders of The Woodcut shows works from an especially fertile twelve-year period in Frifinnsdttirs creative life, which began with a school trip to Finland in 1987, and where woodcuts are her main subject. She cut her art into large pieces of coarse plywood and imprinted one at a time without the traditional printing equipment.

In this intimate way she dealt with both content and spirit. When the color and the wood have both succumbed to the artists constant strokes and created onto the paper a finished piece, it is as if the picture floats between the surface and the viewer, where the veins and texture of the print plate still remain, like a distant memory.