Arna Valsdttir

Arna Valsdttir
Local Fact 6 Co-op
Video installation from the series Local Fact
Galleries 10-11
05.12.20 07.02.21

The work was made especially for the exhibition Stareynd Local Fact in 2014. It is simply a fact that at the age of 13 I was hired to work during the summer in the cheese production part of the Co-op Dairy, which now houses the Akureyri Art Museum. Later I worked at the new Co-op Dairy, when it had moved to another location, first insulating milk pipes in the basement and later in the cheese production. Every time I walk through the Art Museum I can smell a hint of whey in the air and recognize the sound of the floor tiles.

In the work I connect the old Co-op Dairy to the newer one and transport both into the Art Museum. I documented my travel from one place to another and dragged the old time with me into the new one. As a teenager I liked making up little tunes in my mind to the rhythm of the machines and Im humming those same tunes in the video-piece.