Group exhibition
26.08.2023 14.01.2024
Galleries 02 03 04 05

The artists that gather here create through natural processes, materials and context. Each has their personal approach, although the common set is material from the micro-environment.

The works of Slveig Aalsteinsdttir reflect contemplations on time and environment, nature, growth and vegetation, where the borders between inner and outer reality arent necessarily clear.

Elsa Drthea Gsladttir works with impermanence, sustainability, cultivation, biosystems and the alchemy of everyday. Time is an important factor in her work.

Gujn Ketilsson typically works with found objects that carry with them memories and stories of past events. He records them, rearranges and creates a new context.

Everyday surroundings have often sparked the idea behind the works of Gurn Hrnn Ragnarsdttir, such as the peel of a beetroot that has created red color in water, or a piece of paper marked by moisture on a window glass pane.