Louisa Matthasdttir - Girl with Bike

Louisa Matthasdttir
Girl with Bike
Akureyri Art Museum, Ketilhs
December 9ᵗʰ - Feburary 11ᵗʰ

Louisa Matthasdttir (1917-2000) was one of the most progressive artists of her generation. Complete and explicit canvases, and pure and simple colors, are strong characteristics of her work. Louisa studied in Europe and the US, residing in New York from 1942. Evident in her work however is the contact she kept with Iceland; clear influence from Icelandic landscape and light. Louisa also painted still life, her family and friends as well as self-portraits, such as the ones in the exhibition.

This exhibition, Girl with Bike, is based on the exhibition Calm, set up in Kjarvalsstair by Reykjavik Art Museum earlier this year. Jn Propp curated that exhibition and he will give a lecture on Louisas work at a rijudagsfyrirlestur (Tuesdays Talk), in Akureyri Art Museum, Ketilhs, in the beginning of 2018.

The artworks are borrowed from Reykjavk Art Museum, Temma Bell, Louisas daughter, and from a private collection.