University of Iceland Art Collection
Gallery 08

University of Iceland Art Collection was founded in 1980. Like many university art collections abroad, University of Iceland bases its collection partly on donations. The founding collection, donated by the couple Ingibjrg Gumundsdttir (1911-1994) and Sverrir Sigursson (1909-2002) weighs the most. They donated close to 1200 artworks to the collection which are among the most valuable gifts that the University of Iceland has received. Some Icelandic artists, or their estates, have also donated their artworks to the collection. The University of Iceland has altogether received 1300 artworks through donations. By adding the artworks that have been purchased, the collection now consists of 1550 artworks, which are exhibited regularly in the university buildings.

The founding collection was mostly made up of numerous abstract works from mid and second half of the 20th century, whish laid the foundation for a unique collection. At this exhibition abstract works by artists such as orvaldur Sklason, Karl Kvaran, Hrur gstsson, Gumunda Andrsdttir, Eyborg Gumundsdttir and others, will be shown.