Inga Lsa Middleton

Inga Lsa Middleton
Ocean in the Age of Humans
02.06.2023 13.08.2023
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Phytoplankton are our oceans' smallest organisms. They produce close to 50% of all oxygen as well as binding around 40% of all carbon that is released. Wherever whales are found, so too are populations of phytoplankton; whale waste contains the iron and nitrogen which phytoplankton need to grow. This remarkable relationship between Earth's smallest and largest creatures is one of nature's solutions to climate change.

Each year several million tons of plastic end up in the ocean. Swallowing large quantities of it causes whales great harm, and micro plastics can affect photosynthesis and phytoplanktons growth. If phytoplankton and whales disappear, so may humankind.

Inga Lsa Middleton (born 1964) studied photography at UCA Farnham and Royal College of Art in the UK. Her photographs have been widely exhibited with shows in London, Paris, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Reykjavk.