smundur smundsson

smundur smundsson
02.06.2023 13.08.2023
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The all-encompassing myth weighs upon the present like an incubus and embraces the now and the past. It shapes thoughts and awakens longings and translates all things, the images and the language around us into semantic form. Authorities and corporate media use images to maintain the power structures and make way for their future interests. Advanced entertainment and advertising industry produces images to send messages and mould the individual in a cunning way.

In his work smundsson adopts the imagery of the present time and transforms it to create his own visual language, his personal myth. At the same time, he sheds a light on what lies behind the dominant force of the imagery and exposes the ideology and power structures that are the foundations of our society.

smundur smundsson (born 1971) creates his works in various medias and has held numerous exhibitions during his career of 30 years. He has furthermore written many articles for magazines and newspapers, held lectures and executed performances.