Ann Nol

Ann Nol
Icons and Symbols
25.09.2021 - 16.01.2022
Gallery 01

Ann Nol, born in England 1944, has lived in Berlin since 1980.She has a background in graphic design, printmaking, photography, painting and performance.

After graduating in graphic arts and design in 1968 from the Bath Academy of Art in Corsham, she worked with Hansjrg Mayer in Stuttgart, who was one of the first publishers of artists books.

This experience prepared her for the job offered to her in 1969; as assistant to Dick Higgins, publisher of The Something Else Press in New York, where she met Emmett Williams (1925-2007), editor-in-chief of the press, and several other Fluxus artists.

In the early eighties she became active in the Fluxus-movement, participating in performances at festivals worldwide, especially in collaboration with her husband Emmett Williams. She is still performing within the framework of the Fluxus Art Group. She has also published many of her own artists books over the years.

Curator: Gurn Plna Gumundsdttir.