Sara Bjrg Bjarnadttir

Sara Bjrg Bjarnadttir
Two Infinities Between 1 and 3
25.03.2023 13.08.2023
Salur / Gallery 12

Strolling by the shore, gazing at the infinite horizon you reflect into a limitless introspection. For clarity one must confine.

Stepping into a confined space, a space emerging through the way the body inhabits it, an extension of the body. Body and space unified and separate, simultaneously, two liquids in one vessel. Thought is bodily, there is wisdom in the body. Between mind and body there is a concept of a margin, two drops of the same body of water. Awareness swims between body, mind, space and all channels in-between.

Sara Bjrg submerges herself into the space. Her physical connection to the space directs the presentation of this piece. A piece that tries to embody a feeling, situation or time that words cannot express. An intangible memory of a recent period of stagnation.

Sara Bjrg Bjarnadttir (born 1988) graduated from Iceland University of the Arts in 2015. She has exhibited her work around Iceland as well as in Berlin, Athens, Vilnius, London and Los Angeles.