Selected works from Akureyri Art Museums Collection

Permanent Exhibition
Selected works from Akureyri Art Museums Collection
25.08.18 - 22.11.20

Akureyri municipality formally began purchasing artworks around 1930, when a painting by Freymur Jhannsson was bought. Today the municipality owns around 700 diverse visual art works.

After the founding of Akureyri Art Museum in 1993, preservation of the collection became one of its roles. The Museum adopted a policy of exhibiting the biggest part of the collection on the walls of the municipalitys institutions - which today is still the case. This makes the collection visible to the staff and residents of Akureyri municipality.

In this exhibition, the focus is on the Akureyri Art Museums permanent collection. Great works by Icelandic artists, mostly from Akureyri or Eyjafjrur, will be exhibited. The criteria for selecting works from the collection was diversity and gender equality, even though the collection mainly consists of works by male artists. It is however an interesting fact that through the years, the number of works by female artist has steadily increased.

Curators: Gurn Plna Gumundsdttir, Haraldur Ingi Haraldsson and Hlynur Hallsson.