A! Performance Festival 2023

A! Performance Festival 2023
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A! Is a four-day international performance festival held every year, now for the ninth time. The festival is a collaboration between Akureyri Art Museum, Akureyri Culture Society, Akureyri Theater, The Gil Society, The Video-festival Heim, Visual Art Department of Akureyri Comprehensive College and Icelandic Art Centre. A! Is the only festival in Iceland that focuses solely on performance art.

A! Performance Festival 2023 schedule.

A variety of performances and theatre-based projects of all kind are on the agenda. Participants are young up-and-coming artists as well as experienced and well-known performance artists and theatre professionals. This year participants:Aalheiur S. Eysteinsdttir, Curver Thoroddsen, Dustin Harvey, Hans-Henrik Suersaq Poulsen, Yuliana Palacios, Harpa Arnardttir, Heids Hlm Gumundsdttir, Kuluk Helms, Sigurur Gumundsson, Tales Frey og Vdelistahtin Heim.