Flk / People

Group exhibition, photographs
Flk / People
Akureyri Art Museum
March 19ᵗʰ - May 29ᵗʰ 2016

How do we appear in photos? How do others picture us? Who are we? The exhibition Flk / People tells stories of people and gives insights into the work of seven artists who all take photographs, though each one in a different way. In this era of selfies, portraits have acquired a new meaning. In this exhibition one can see people in various situations, seen through the eyes of different artists and a diversity of camera lenses.

The seven artists all have the common trait of working with photographs even though the subject matter of "people" may not be the first thing that comes to mind when examining their work.Barbara Probst (born 1964) takes photos of situations at the exact same split second. Details and the overall picture gives the viewer a fascinating perspective from a street corner in Manhattan.Hallgerur Hallgrmsdttir (born 1984) photographs young people at the brake of dawn on a bright summer morning in Reykjavk. Young people who are perhaps finishing their day or beginning a new one. In Hrafnkell Sigursson's (born 1963) work we sense the presence of people in their absence. Wet fishermen's work-clothes in bright colors suggest hard work in varied conditions. Hrefna Harardttir (born 1954) photographs vibrant women in their favorite places. Women who have a lot in common although with different backgrounds both literally and subjectively. Hrur Geirsson (born 1960) uses wet plate collodion process, a technique used in the later part of the 19th century, to photograph people at the Medieval Festival in Gsir, Eyjafjrur and thereby captures the ambiance of times gone by. Ine Lamers (born 1954) photographs a woman in a film studio; examining the borders between reality and film. Wolfgang Tillmans (born 1968) photographs people or parts of people on the London subway. People travelling during rush hour, not even noticing that they are being photographed.

Sningarstjri / Curator: Hlynur Hallsson.

Akureyri Art Museum thanks the following parties lending of art works: Museum Folkwang - Essen, Kuckei + Kuckie - Berlin, i8 Reykjavk, artists.