Lil Erla Adamsdttir

Lil Erla Adamsdttir
Soft Spot
Galleries 06-07
29.08.20 15.08.21

Lil Erla Adamsdttirs works border on visual art, design and artistic craft. She is very fond of surfaces, whether it is the surface of nature or humans. The subject matter in her works is manual repetition, both its potential and limits. How the unique is picked up by the multitude at the same time as the multitude creates a unique harmony. Adamsdttirs work-process is characterized by a constant communication with the matter where one thing leads to the next. In her most recent works she has made use of the tuft-technique to examine the thread and its visual effect, when it comes to the interplay of colors and the properties of the material. She describes her work either as furry paintings or dancing embroidery.

Lil Erla Adamsdttir (born 1985) graduated with a BA degree from Iceland University of the Arts 2011 and with an MA degree in Artistic Textile, from the Swedish School of Textiles in Bors, Sweden 2017.