Bjrg Eirksdttir

Bjrg Eirksdttir
Galleries 03-04
October 52019 - January 192020

It fascinates me how we as bodily beings communicate with our environment. Does the environment approach us through our senses or do we reach out for it? When I feel deep admiration for the nature around me, through my senses, I connect to it. This meaningful experience is like a multi-layered sensation, where the layers wind around each other inside of me, creating a kind of polyphony.

Bjrg Eirksdttir (born 1967) graduated with an MA degree in Art Education from the University of Akureyri 2017, with a diploma in visual arts from Akureyri School of Visual Arts in 2003, and a B.Ed. degree from the Iceland College of Education in 1991. She works as an artist as well as teaching art at the Akureyri Comprehensive College. This is Eirksdttirs eleventh solo exhibition, the yield of a yearlong artist stipend from the municipality.