Creation of Childhood 2020

Group exhibition
Creation of Childhood

Galleries 10-11, Ketilhs
07.03.2020 - 17.05.2020

This is the seventh annual exhibition with the title Creation of Childhood. The aim is to stimulate creative
work and creative thinking among school children from the ages of five to sixteen. Participants each time are children and artists who create works according to the theme, which this time is house, home, shelter with a special focus onclimate change and its effect on our living conditions.

In addition, a few models of emergency shelters in Iceland will be exhibited created by the Canadian artists Natalie Lavoie and Steve Nicoll, during their stay in the Gil Association residency in November 2018.

This year 34 preschool children will visit the museum and create artwork under guidance from two female artists, Jonna - Jnborg Sigurardttir and GunnhildurHelgadttir, who is one of two artists participating in the exhibition. Other participants are Hrafnkell Sigursson artist, Akureyri Museum, Akureyri Toy Museum, the elementary schools Brekkuskli, Lundarskli and Naustaskli, along with the preschool Hlmasl.

Creation of Childhoodwas in 2020 allotted a-three-year honors grant from The Icelandic Museum Fund.

Curator: Gurn Plna Gumundsdttir.