Selected works for creation and education
25.02.2023 13.08.2023
Salur / Gallery 07

In art education it is seldom mentioned what happens when an artist hands over a finished artwork to a new owner. In the case of a painting the choice is between a frame or no frame. Different taste and zeitgeist will greatly influence this choice. Frames are diverse and the most expensive ones are often carved, decorated, even painted with gold - conveying respect, luxury and value. In former times it was mostly wealthy and powerful people who owned such pieces. They would often be portrayed in paintings like royalty were, centuries ago, framed in big golden frames.

This exhibition presents a selection of works from Akureyri Art Museums collection, all in golden frames. Viewers will evaluate the worth of the frames the aim is to have the guests consider the art and what kind of frame suits each piece. What kind of feeling do the frames evoke? How would different frames change the works - or no frames at all?

Curators: Gurn Plna Gumundsdttir and Heia Bjrk Vilhjlmsdttir.