Selected works by North Icelandic artists
Galleries 09-10-11
May 18- September 292019

For the third time Akureyri Art Museum holds an exhibition of works from artists in North Iceland. This time a jury selected works by 30 artists who applied to participate in the exhibition. This was not an easy task since several quality works were on offer by 55 artists in total.

It is interesting to see the variety of different works by the artists who applied: paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, reliefs, textile, book-art and drawings. The selected works are a cross section of what artists in North Iceland are working on obviously however, only one version of numerous possibilities.

The diversity is in itself both positive and exciting different styles and methods, various ideas and material. The outcome is a group exhibition where different works communicate with each other and new connections are made. An exhibition such as this one offers an opportunity for discoveries, to see works by artist who havent been in the limelight and at the same time new works by well-known artist, young and old.

Curator: Hlynur Hallsson.