Here and There I-II

Group exhibition
Here and There I-II
10.02.2023 04.06.2023 / 09.09.2023 07.01.2024
Hl - Nursing home

Collaborating with diverse groups is an important part of the work at Akureyri Art Museum. Ways to broaden the operations are constantly being explored as well as making the collection accessible to people of all ages. One of this year s innovations at the Akureyri Art Museum is designing an exhibition for a space outside the museum. The Museum and the seniors home Hl collaborate in this project, which is meant to enlighten and delight the residents, staff and guests at Hl, with two art-exhibitions and guided tours. The aim is to maintain peoples cultural connection to the art history of Akureyri and to revive memories and discussion on visual art and society.

Works by the artists Jn Laxdal Halldrsson, Roj Friberg and orvaldur orsteinsson will be exhibited at the first exhibition, they have all used literature and texts in their work. In the latter exhibition there will be works showing nature and daily life by the artists Einar Helgason, Gumundur rmann Sigurjnsson and Tryggvi lafsson.

Curators: Gurn Plna Gumundsdttir and Heia Bjrk Vilhjlmsdttir.