Gujn Gsli Kristinsson

Gujn Gsli Kristinsson
New Approach
25.03.2023 13.08.2023
Gallery 09

The aim of Art Without Borders is to work towards cultural equality for disabled artists. An annual festival is held where diverse artforms by disabled and non-disabled artists are exhibited. This year the festival celebrates its 20th anniversary and for the first time Akureyri Art Museum is participating.

Gujn Gsli Kristinsson (born 1988) showed his first embroidery at an exhibition in Slheimar 2020 and has since participated in Art Without Borders group exhibitions in Reykjavk and MeetFactory in Prag. In his art creations he uses photographs of which he first makes a drawing and then does the needlepoint onto the woven material with passion and diligence. Kristinssons subject matter is either his closest surroundings or Icelandic landscape, although his most recent works are inspired by design magazines and interior design. Independent of the motifs one can see harmony in his color palette, patterns, and technique.