drgum / Prehistoric Loom IV

Group exhibition
drgum / Prehistoric Loom IV
Akureyri Art Museum, Ketilhs
January 23ʳᵈ - February 28ᵗʰ

The exhibition drgum / Prehistoric Loom IV explores drawing as a period in artistic creation, a hidden process that forms a pause between thought and production. In this ambiguous space we detect a faint echo of personal and professional relationships between artists.

The exhibition is the result of relations between MFA graduates of Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, 2014. The first exhibition took place in the No Toilet Gallery in Seoul, South-Korea, after that in Yada Shimin Gallery in Nagoya, Japan, and most recently at the Glasgow Open House Art Festival in the spring of 2015. In each city the exhibition, or exhibition series, takes on a gentle metamorphosis where new artists are added, bringing new inputs to an ever deepening conversation. For this occasion, the work of 26 artists will be displayed, seven of whom are Icelandic. Curators: Elsabet Brynhildardttir and Selma Hreggvisdttir.