The Wandering Parade

Noemi Niederhauser
The Wandering Parade
Akureyri Art Museum, West Room
February 27ᵗʰ - March 13ᵗʰ

Icelands long winter creates a time lapse where darkness envelops each stone and every mountain, where nature seems to be bursting with secrets and hidden scenes.

The project involves the creation of wearable light devices in order to allow a procession of people to stroll into those darkened landscapes. Artificial lighting and natural winter light merge into an unforeseen choreography dancing around this wandering march.

Traditional Icelandic womens hats, the krkfaldur and the spaafaldur, are references for those lighting devices, their shape being reminiscent of headlights used by explorers searching for hidden caves or unexplored forest. The Wandering Parade merges the human and the designed object; people become walking light devices, a fabrication of hybridised and disproportionate characters ready to wander into the wild.