Helga Sigrur Valdemarsdttir
February 24ᵗʰ - March 18ᵗʰ 2018

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one seeks subjective spaces that can provide an inner peace. Such spaces can be found in diverse places and are of various kinds: in the rhythms of swim strokes, walking the dog, a yoga pose, in nature, in friendships. Where stillness is found, calm is conquered.

The need and quest for balance and stillness is ancient. Women have, for instance, since long ago found calmness in craft making. Sitting, knitting they get a break from their daily routine, some peace, they are occupied and excused, they grab a moment to spend with themselves, in their own space, which they have created for themselves.

Helga Sigrur Valdemarsdttir (born 1975) graduated from the visual art and textile department of Akureyri Comprehensive College in 1997, and received a diploma from Akureyri School of Visual Arts in 2003. In the exhibition Stillness she uses photographs, paintings and installation to present womans course for calm. Curator: Hlynur Hallsson.