Eln Pjet. Bjarnason

Eln Pjet. Bjarnason
Light Beyond / Light of Spirit
Selected works from AS Art Collection
Gallery 09
December 72019 - June 1 2020

Eln Pjet. Bjarnason (1924 - 2009) was born in Iceland and raised in Akureyri, but lived in Copenhagen from the age of 21 onwards. She studied fine art at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen; first painting with Vilhelm Lundstrm 1945-1950, then murals with Elof Risebye 1958-1959 and finally graphic arts with Holger J. Jensen 1962. She participated regularly in group exhibitions in Copenhagen but only exhibited her work once in Reykjavk; along with weaver Vigds Kristjnsdttir in 1968. The first solo exhibition of her works was held in AS Art Museum in 2011.

AS Art Museum owns a collection of about 550 works by Bjarnason; paintings, drawings, graphics and frescos, donated by Bjarnasons nephews, Pjetur Hafstein Lrusson and Svavar Hrafn Svavarsson, after her death in 2009. The exhibition at Akureyri Art Museum is a co-operative venture between the two museums, where selected works from the AS collection will be exhibited.

Curator: Aalsteinn Inglfsson.