Group exhibition works by North Icelandic artists
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This is the fourth biennale, an exhibition of works by artists fr om North Iceland, held at Akureyri Art Museum. This time with special theme: Limitations obviously referring to the state of the world these days. Participants apply to a call from Akureyri Art Museum and a special jury selects the works that will be exhibited. Those are works from 17 different

artists, of the 44 that applied. Jury members were Haraldur Ingi Haraldsson artist and project manager at the Akureyri Art Museum, Hlynur Hallsson Museum director and Vigds Rn Jnsdttir art historian. How well one can connect the works to the exhibition title varies a lot, with some created especially for the exhibition while others are older. Artistic
interpretation of the concept can of course also be very diverse.

A catalogue is published and it will be interesting to compare it to older catalogues to follow the trends and developments in art from North Iceland. The aim is surely to present different approaches and ideas from artists in the area. Jn B. K. Ransu, visual artist and scholarly writer, writes in his introduction in the catalogue: The title of the exhibition is Limitations and it is held in a time when a pandemic has raged for well over a year. During this time the concept of limitations has obtained a tangible meaning since most things are restricted; number of people meeting, how close one is to the next person, and number of people gathering all having strong influence on our lives.
The title of the exhibition, Limitations, refers to the state created by the pandemic, but also plays with the idea, since theme exhibitions are always limited in their nature. We can, for instance, say that the selection of artworks f or the exhibition is based on certain limitations and that participation open only to artists from a particular area is a limitation in itself.

The exhibition gives an insight into the diverse flora of visual art that is connected to North Iceland and in general. This biennale has potential for being a foundation for research and creations within the frame of visual arts as well as a motivation and opportunity. This is one of the summer exhibitions at Akureyri Art Museum since guests at the museum, both local and from abroad, want to see local art. The exhibition received a grant from the Icelandic Museum Fund.

Aalheiur S. Eysteinsdttir (1963)
Auur La Gunadttir (1993)
rni Jnsson (1989)
Bergr Morthens (1979)
Brk Jnsdttir (1996)
Egill Logi Jnasson (1989)
Gumundur rmann Sigurjnsson (1944)
Hekla Bjrt Helgadttir (1985)
Hrefna Harardttir (1954)
ris lf Sigurjnsdttir (1958)
Jonna Jnborg Sigurardttir (1966)
Joris Rademaker (1958)
Jn Laxdal Halldrsson (1950)
Mara Sigrur Jnsdttir (1969)
Sigurur Mar Halldrsson (1964)
Stefn Boulter (1970)
Tanja Stefanovic (1985)

Curator: Hlynur Hallsson