Erling T.V. Klingenberg

Erling T. V. Klingenberg
dot, dot, dot
04.12.2021 - 06.02.2022
Gallery 10

Erling T. V. Klingenberg often appears himself in his own works, in arthistoric references. These references serve the purpose of producing an objective presentation and subjective images. His work methods swing between the uncomfortable and the honest. Aggressive emotions are also a recurring subject in his work.

Klingenberg often presents the idea of the artist in a humorous context, as is reflected in the slogan Its hard to be an Artist in a Rock stars body. His obsessive attempts to define the role of the artist in society the rockstar drive him to research how the artist does, not what he does. Hence it is the process that sparks his interest, not the outcome.

Erling T. V. Klingenberg studied art in Iceland, Germany and Canada. He has exhibited his work widely in Iceland as well as abroad and is one of the founding members of Kling & Bang in Reykjavk.