360 Days and Paintings

Sigtryggur Bjarni Baldvinsson
360 Days and Paintings
Akureyri Art Museum, Ketilhs
March 4ᵗʰ - April 16ᵗʰ

Sigtryggur Bjarni Baldvinsson was born in Akureyri, 1966. He studied visual art in Akureyri, Reykjavk and France. He has held more than 30 solo exhibitions and his work is owned by all major art museums in Iceland.

The photo project 360 Days in The Botanical Garden was originally commissioned by the Hallgrmskirkjas Art Association. The work is inspired by the life and fate of the priest and poet Hallgrmur Ptursson, yet having a much broader implication. It consists of around 80 photographs taken over the period of 360 days in a small flower garden in Brighton, UK. The work addresses the cycle of matter within the biosphere and the eternity and revival one can sense in that.

The paintings in the exhibition are, on the one hand striped pictures created with Karl Kvarans recycled gouache, and on the other hand oil paintings of sparkling or shimmering water surfaces.