Group exhibition

29.01.2022 22.05.2022
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The exhibition Embrace focuses on the internal logic of the painterly acts that are situated, committed and embedded. It is an exhibition in which all parts come together with the aim of creating and generating sites and situations for paintings to not only be but to become to breath in, and to breath out, with the viewers and the site.

The aim is to get away from the idea of distanced neutrality and start moving towards participatory analog experience the demanding but pleasurable road from detachment to proximity, from absence to engagement.

This exhibition will ask you to join in. Lets alter the perspective and bring in elements of surprises. Lets focus on singular and unique, allowing and encouraging us to enjoy experiments that take us somewhere where we yet have not been. Embrace inhabits the pleasure principle for creating and generating sites and situations to be with paintings.

Participants: BirgirSnbjrn Birgisson, Emil Holmer, Heidi Lampenius, Onya McCausland, Miikka Vaskola, rds Erla Zoga.

Curator: Mika Hannula.