For the Sake of the Form

Gunnar Kr.
For the Sake of the Form
Akureyri Art Museum
August 27ᵗʰ - October 23ᵗʰ

The visual art of Gunnar Kr. (born 1956) is characterised by momentum and power, which materialises in a variety of ways. He has, for example, sketched jet black lead suns and carved a steel flower with a cutting torch. In the past months Gunnar has used a very light and delicate material for his art creation: paper, which he moulds, cuts, colours and pieces together until he has achieved the desired effect. Immense energy lies in the tension between the artists expression through form and the material that he uses. The works of Gunnar Kr. are much like nature itself: strong and beautiful with shapes that repeat themselves at times frightening. Powerful, yet sensitive.

Gunnar Kr. Jnassons career spans three decades and he has exhibited his works far and wide. In his multitude of exhibitions he has displayed paintings, sculptures, sketches and watercolour paintings. Gunnar lives and works in Akureyri. Curator: Joris Rademaker