Knut Eckstein

Knut Eckstein
"I'm notreallyinterested in anythinggreaterthan life"
Gallery 02
October 52019 - January 52020

Knut Eckstein offers us a certain twist; were he turns the outside inwards; no more, no less than the sensation the sensory impression of a monumental, three-dimensional walk-in landscape painting. And in fact, the traditional generic name ofpainting, is perhaps the most appropriate way to give the viewers a very first idea of this undoubtedly strange, work by Knut Eckstein.

Here and there scattered around are technical devices, not in operation - a fan, a smoke machine - referring to originally opulent plans, that no longer exist. Knut Eckstein favours a concentration and consolidation of artistic means.

Marcel Baumgartner on Knut Eckstein - ontheway, at Kunsthalle Gieen, 2016 (excerpt from a press release).