From Co-op Street to Art Street

From Co-op Street to Art Street
25.08.18 - 18.04.21

Akureyri Art Museum is located in Kaupvangsstrti, which is usually referred to as Listagil (Art Street). The street played a major part in the industrial history of Akureyri. Around 1930 the Eyjafjrur Co-operative Society, KEA, started a powerful development, by running various types of industrial production in the buildings along the street. The decades that followed were progressive and the industrial operations truly flourished. Some changes and new developments, however, demanded adjustments and KEA had already moved their factories elsewhere, when Akureyri municipality bought the buildings in the nineties, and opened up the factory doors to art and culture.

This exhibition is focused on the buildings in Listagil, and the operations that took place there in the past before they became an art-center, art school, galleries and residencies. This way, Akureyri Art Museum wants to pay its respects to the past, and offer its guests a connection with history.

The exhibition is designed in cooperation with Akureyri Museum.

Curators: Haraldur Ingi Haraldsson and Hlynur Hallsson.