from the ruins and rubbish of time

Jn Laxdal Halldrsson
from the ruins and rubbish of time
Akureyri Art Museum
January 16ᵗʰ - March 13ᵗʰ 2016

Jn Laxdal Halldrsson (born 1950) studied philosophy at the University of Iceland and published his first
poetry book in 1974. He is one of those who contributed to the vibrant operations of Raua hsi gallery
in Akureyri and put up his first solo exhibition there in 1982. Since then, collages have been his main
medium. Jns works can be described as poetic minimalism, while in fact they cover a much wider
spectrum. His works have been displayed in a myriad of exhibitions around the world and they have been
acquired by a number of museums and private collectors.

The exhibition from the ruins and rubbish of time features works from Jn Laxdal Halldrssons long
career as a visual artist, the oldest ones from 1986, along with some newer pieces, which he made
specifically for the exhibition.

Philosopher rstur smundsson on Jn: Everyone seems to think there is a special kinship between
Jn Laxdals poetry and his art and not only because there is so much written and printed text involved.
There is a formal affinity that makes itself felt; a family resemblance. Might it be the Apollonian family?
Nothing is so trivial that it may not become a member of the aesthetic republic (which is quite different
from Platos ideal).

Towards the end of the exhibition a program, in the spirit of Raua hsi, was be held with music,
philosophy and various events. Also a book has been published where Gubrandur Siglaugsson interviews
Jn Laxdal Halldrsson.