Group exhibition
Galleries 01-05
01.02.20 - 03.05.20

Eight artists from six countries and four continents: Hong Kong, Lithuania, Japan, Germany, Mexico and Tunisia draw lines. This they will do through different forms of art, with the purpose to communicate with the rest of the world. The exhibition Lines connects Iceland with remote and exotic cultures through visual art. Some of the artworks are site specific i.e. created especially for the space at Akureyri Art Museum. Hence, some counterpoints will be created in the exhibition space where the art pieces either trouble or add to each other.

The title of the exhibition refers to connections between countries, art forms, artists and to society. A line is a poetic, artistic beauty that speaks to society in an open and neutral way. Everything is a question of perspective each perspective discloses something new and sparks diverse conversations. Such an exhibition creates an understanding through the communication that takes place between different art forms and cultures which will result in increased tolerance and empathy.

Participants: Almuth Baumfalk, Germany, Armando Gomez, Mexico, Hiro Egami, Japan, Rym Karoui, Tunisia, Miyuki Kido, Japan, Kristine Schnappenburg, Germany, Saulius Valius, Lithuania, Lap Yip, Hong Kong.

Curator: Mireya Samper.