Selected works by North Icelandic artists
02.06.2023 24.09.2023
Galleries 10 11

This is the fifth time an exhibition of works by artists in North Iceland is held in Akureyri Art Museum. The exhibition is a biennale and now has a special theme: Anniversary, a reference to the 30 years since Akureyri Art Museum first opened although artists are free to interpret this in their own way.

A special jury selects works from artists who apply and live in North Iceland or have a special connection to the region.

A catalogue is published in Icelandic and English, which will be interesting to compare with older catalogues and see what kind of development is in the artworks of artists in the North of Iceland. The aim is surely to exhibit the diversity in approaches, methods and ideas of artists in the region each time.

The exhibition Anniversary is meant to give an insight into the diverse flora of visual arts tied to North Iceland and bring attention to, and inspire, discussion on the status of artists and visual arts in North Iceland. Hence the biennale can become a basis for research and creativity within the field of visual arts as well as a motivation and opportunity.

Curator: Hlynur Hallsson.