Kristinn G. Jhannsson

Kristinn G. Jhannsson
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Kristinn G. Jhannsson (born 1936) is an Akureyrian who graduated from Akureyri Junior College 1956. He studied visual art in Akureyri, Reykjavk and Edinburgh College of Art. He finished a Diploma in Education 1962 and worked as a teacher and a principal for close to four decades. Jhannssons first exhibition was in Akureyri 1954, but his first one in Reykjavk 1962 in Bogasalur at The National Museum. The same year he participated in the Fall-exhibition held by the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (FM) in Listamannasklinn. He has ever since been active in exhibiting his work. His paintings and graphics are inspired by old Icelandic carving and weaving. He has illustrated numerous books, such as books about Nonni and Folktales.

,,For years I have searched the hills and moor that face me every day for colors and motives, and reflections in the Pollurinn and the valar, and woven together earths colorful nuances in my own way. In those new works the landscape and the paintings endeavor to find a balance, peace.

Curator: Brynhildur Kristinsdttir.